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SLA Super Live Audio

After years of research and development, KV2 Audio is pleased to announce a new standard in live sound reinforcement.

Super Live Audio "SLA" has been developed through KV2’s efforts to achieve the highest possible dynamic range and the lowest possible losses, caused through distortion or the altering of signal as it passes through the audio chain. Further to this, rather than develop technologies that try to compensate or fix problems in a system’s design, KV2 focuses on building systems that are inherently superior from the start.

The SLA standard reproduces high sound pressure levels in large spaces whilst delivering true dynamic range and source representation. There are a number of factors that KV2 have identified that make up SLA and the resulting benefits it provides to the listener. These factors include electronic integrity (settling time), digital sampling rates, pulse response, dynamic range and acoustic system design.

SLA Superior Sound

Super Digital

  • 200MHz Sampling - Extreme Resolution
  • Greater than 120dB Dynamic Range
  • Very Low Non-Harmonic Distortion

Super Analog

  • Super Fast Circuitry (1µs settling time)
  • Ultimate Headroom - 200kHz Capability

Super Acoustic

  • True Point Source
  • Active Impendance Control - Zero inductance
  • Ultra Low Distortion - True Piston Motion Drivers

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Superior Sound